Allura (SourceForge) Mylyn Connector

December 10, 2012

Having recently upgraded OfficeFloor ( to use Allura the Mylyn Web Template Connector configuration needs changing.  While there is a discussion item for an Allura Mylyn Connector, the work around is to use the Web Template Connector.

The new configuration for Allura is:

  • Task URL: ${serverUrl}/p/${project}/${tickets}/
  • New Task URL: ${serverUrl}/p/${project}/${tickets}/new
  • Query Request URL: ${serverUrl}/p/${project}/${tickets}
  • Query Pattern: <td><a href=”/p/${project}/${tickets}/\d+/”>({Id}\d+)</a></td>\s*<td><a href=”/p/${project}/${tickets}/\d+/”>({Description}[^<]*)</a></td>\s*<td[^<]+</td>\s*<td[^<]+</td>\s*<td>({Owner}[^<]*)</td>
  • Login still works similar to the old Using SourceForge With Mylyn

The Query Pattern works for the standard SourceForge Allura columns: #, Summary, Milestone, Status, Owner

Should the columns be customized, the Query Pattern is constructed by concatenating the following together in the order of the columns:

  • ID: \s*<td><a href=”/p/${project}/${tickets}/\d+/”>({Id}\d+)</a></td>
  • Description: \s*<td><a href=”/p/${project}/${tickets}/\d+/”>({Description}[^<]*)</a></td>
  • Owner: \s*<td>({Owner}[^<]*)</td>
  • skipping columns to keep pattern match: \s*<td[^<]+</td>

Admittedly while this does not provide the full Mylyn Connector functionality, it at least allows listing the tasks within Mylyn and associating commits against them (which is most important to me).  Managing the tickets will however have to be done through a browser.

In summary steps are:

  1. Install the Mylyn Web Template Connector (not part of standard install but is in the Mylyn incubator update site)
  2. Add a Task Repository with the above configurations (though change the project parameter to your project).  See screen shot below for an example.
  3. Within the Task List add a new Query for each ticket repository (changing the tickets parameter to the particular ticket repository – e.g.  support-requests)